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We exist to touch lives by offering dignity and hope through hygiene and sharing God’s love. As part of this work, we help people earn self-sufficiency, which can transform them from being at risk to thriving in life.

Our Mission

Jump into Action!

With summer on the horizon, we hope to open new hygiene closets and centers to serve more of our neighbors in need throughout the Columbus area. We are developing new partnerships with local service organizations, medical clinics, recovery programs, and churches which offer assistance to their communities. We have an optimistic goal for increasing our funding through corporate sponsorships, grants, churches, and generous donors who made it possible for our enormous success in our first year and will help accomplish our 2024 goals. We have a long waitlist and are anxiously waiting to have the funds necessary to open new hygiene closets and centers.

Thousands of people in Central Ohio live without basic hygiene products. They face the difficult choice between purchasing these products and covering other essential costs such as bills, food, and medicine. We’re here to provide the help, hygiene, and hope that can produce productive lives for our neighbors by removing barriers that prevent them from flourishing in everyday life.

Our Impact


people helped every month


Hygiene Centers in Columbus community centers.


Hygiene Closets operated in coordination with partner organizations.


opportunities to grow and serve others!

Our supporting partners undeniably contribute to our efforts of transforming lives in Central Ohio, and we are proud to coordinate our efforts with them! Our goal of lifting up our neighbors in dignity through essential hygiene items is vital to the communities we live in, and we’re thankful to work alongside others who champion local men, women, and families in need.

Our Partners

People are now able to access basic hygiene items that they might not have been able to afford before, and this is making a big difference in their lives. Not only is it providing essential items like toothbrushes and soap, but it’s also providing a sense of dignity to those who use the center.

Shaun Ballard
SSCC Manager

Hygiene is not optional, but sometimes when the choice is between food and hygiene, hygiene suffers. As a hygiene closet for Divine Dignity, our staff at Lower Lights Christian Health Center get the honor of providing these basic needs to a diverse population. Amber, our Integrated Social Worker for the OB/GYN department, often shares these items with expecting or new moms. We serve many people from the immigration and refugee population. While we may not share a common language, laundry detergent and shampoo is a common need and always brings a smile of gratitude! I regularly provide these needed items to our unhoused neighbors, employees who need an extra boost this month, or patients that we serve at our outreach partner clinics such as Sanctuary Night and Hope Resource Center. Our patients appreciate the gift of hygiene, and what a joy it is to partner with Divine Dignity.

Rev. Tress Reed
SSCC Manager

We are so incredibly grateful for the partnership with Divine Dignity. Being able to give someone a bag to freshen up their appearance and wash up is a fresh start to their day and one of the favorite things we pass out. We can’t thank you enough for being so faithful to us with dignity bags!

Jennifer Rieser-Braunm
Executive Director at Jordan’s Crossing

I became acquainted with Chris Bumpass and we quickly became good friends, as I recognized someone who shared core values with her family, faith, and community. Observing the incredible impact she and the other individuals affiliated with Divine Dignity have had on the community, I was thrilled to join the community of volunteers! Our experience with Divine Dignity has been aligned with the Goodwill core values which are “ICARE,” meaning: collaboration, accountability, and respect. Volunteering at Divine Dignity to help contribute to the production of hygiene kits has provided an ideal opportunity in a safe and friendly environment. Each time our consumers volunteer, they come away feeling empowered by kind individuals who patiently guide them in performing a task. The Christian values evident at Divine Dignity have provided a calm, peaceful, and spiritual setting for them to be successful. My group looks forward to each opportunity to help others in need.

Anita Talentino
Goodwill Volunteer Coordinator

Give the Gift of 


Touching Lives by Offering Dignity and Hope through Hygiene and Sharing God’s Love

Please join Divine Dignity supporters for our second annual fundraiser!

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