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We exist to touch lives by offering dignity and hope through hygiene and sharing God’s love. As part of this work, we help people earn self-sufficiency, which can transform them from being at risk to thriving in life.

Our Mission

Make a difference this holiday season.

We are so grateful for your support over this past year. We’ll be opening four new hygiene closets in January 2024 but we need your help! Please consider making an end-of-year donation during our Season of Giving. Your continued support makes a real difference, and brings help, hygiene, and hope where it’s most needed.


people helped every month


hygiene centers in Columbus community centers.


hygiene closets operated in coordination with partner organizations.


opportunities to grow and serve others!

Thousands of people in Central Ohio live without basic hygiene products. They face the difficult choice between purchasing these products and covering other essential costs such as bills, food, and medicine. We’re here to provide the help, hygiene, and hope that can produce productive lives for our neighbors by removing barriers that prevent them from flourishing in everyday life.

Our Impact

Our supporting partners and donors undeniably contribute to our efforts of transforming lives in Central Ohio, and we are proud to coordinate our efforts with them! Our goal of lifting up our neighbors in dignity through essential hygiene items is vital to the communities we live in, and we’re thankful to work alongside others who champion local men, women, and families in need.

Our Partners

Give the Gift of 


Touching Lives by Offering Dignity and Hope through Hygiene and Sharing God’s Love

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