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Our History

Divine Dignity was incorporated as an Ohio nonprofit in November 2022, but the seeds for this organization go back many years earlier. We have always had a desire and a passion to help others and have come to understand that dignity and hope are critical for a person’s well-being. Hygiene is essential to a person's self-esteem and hope is essential for a person’s self-worth. Hygiene is often a largely unmet need in low-income communities. Many organizations provide food, shelter, and clothing to those in need, but hygiene is not one of the recognized needs. The lack of hygiene — soap, toothpaste, deodorant, those basics we take for granted — can mean the difference in a person’s dignity. After much prayer and discussion, our staff and board had the vision to establish a ministry to serve our neighbors in need throughout the Columbus area. We found a centrally located warehouse. We developed a strategy that focuses on working with like-minded nonprofits to distribute hygiene to their community members. We established two programs: our hygiene centers and our hygiene closets.


The results have been amazing. Every week, we receive requests from communities and organizations who want to partner with us, and we are looking forward to adding more hygiene centers and closets throughout the Columbus area.


We also created our DigniTeens program which offers local teens from churches and service organizations to help teens in low-income communities receive dignity and hope through dignity bags filled with personal care hygiene items. This program has a huge opportunity to grow and expand.


About Us

Who We Are

We are champions of transformation, committed to empowering individuals by providing dignity, hope, and hygiene, and sharing God’s love. We believe that self-worth is the key to unlocking true potential, and we tirelessly strive to help those at risk transform into thriving members of society.

Milestones Achieved

In the first year, we distributed over $100,000 worth of hygiene to our neighbors in need through our 5 hygiene centers and 13 hygiene closets located throughout the high risk Columbus communities.

The growth of Divine Dignity has been incredible in our first year. We serve over 600 people and families—giving out more than 5000 hygiene products each month.

As generous individuals, companies and organizations support our work, we will continue to grow and offer dignity and hope to those in need.

We have added 6 hygiene closets and have a waiting list of 20 organizations. We look forward to expanding the number of centers and closets that we serve in the coming months and years.

Our Board

Nancy Gillette


Lindsay Wylie


Matthew Nordman


Loren Geistfeld

Board Member

Marty Igel

Board Member

Alicia Overmyer

Board Member

Elaine Pierce

Board Member

Mike Short

Board Member

Why did we start Divine Dignity?

“I believe that Divine Dignity is a God-ordained organization that will not only impact thousands of lives in our low-income communities through hygiene but will also share God’s love and hope with people who may not know Him. Sharing His love gives us hope of impacting people with better lives and helping them to know that they are loved.”

—Terry Starr

Our Team

Elizabeth Adams

Executive Assistant

Chris Bumpass

Resources Manager

Lesley Tate

Operations Manager

Terry Starr

Founder & Executive Director

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Our Values

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