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Divine Dignity Teams Up with Vista Village to Deliver Hygiene Solutions

We are thrilled to unveil an inspiring collaboration with John Perez, Harvey Hook, and Lexi Rogers of Vista Village, aimed at delivering essential hygiene to residents of the community's tiny homes. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to extending support and dignity to our neighbors in the Vista Village community, ensuring they have the resources they need for a fresh start.

Our collaboration with Vista Village marks a significant milestone in our mission to address the hygiene needs of those in need of support in Columbus. Through this partnership, Divine Dignity will provide Welcome Hygiene Bags to each new resident, ensuring they have access to essential hygiene products as they transition into their new homes. These bags are thoughtfully curated to include items such as shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, lotion, razor and shaving cream, and more, equipping residents with the necessities for daily self-care and hygiene.

During a recent meeting between our Executive Director, Terry, and Lexi Rogers, Executive Director of Vista Village, plans were laid out to address the hygiene needs of the 41 residents set to inhabit the tiny homes within the community. Terry's discussion with Lexi highlighted the shared commitment to providing support to individuals experiencing homelessness, offering them a pathway to stability and empowerment.

As Divine Dignity solidifies this transformative partnership with Vista Village, we are continually driven by our mission: to touch countless lives in Central Ohio and beyond through hygiene and sharing God's love. Through this mission, we aspire to instill a sense of belonging and assurance, imparting the knowledge that they are cherished and valued.


Discover how Divine Dignity is making a difference in low-income communities in Columbus and Central Ohio by providing essential hygiene resources and free hygiene products to those in need, promoting personal hygiene and spreading hope. Join us in empowering change and making hygiene donations today!


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