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Divine Dignity Partners with Goodwill Volunteers

We want to take a moment to share our gratitude to the extraordinary volunteers of Goodwill Social Services. Their dedication and commitment have made a huge impact on our mission. Volunteer Coordinator Anita Talentino shares her story:

I became acquainted with Chris Bumpass through mutual friends at our gym. We quickly became good friends, as I recognized someone who shared core values with her family, faith, and community. Knowing Chris over the years and observing the incredible impact she and the other individuals affiliated with Divine Dignity have had on the community, I was thrilled to join the community of volunteers! As an Integration Specialist, my role with Goodwill Social Services is to support the vision that all individuals with disabilities and other barriers are embraced as valued and dignified members of our community. I implement daily activities for my consumers including educational, recreational, and volunteer community service with nonprofit organizations such as Divine Dignity. Our experience with Divine Dignity has been aligned with the Goodwill core values which are “ICARE,” meaning: collaboration, accountability, and respect. Volunteering at Divine Dignity to help contribute to the production of hygiene kits has provided an ideal opportunity in a safe and friendly environment. Each time our consumers volunteer, they come away feeling empowered by kind individuals who patiently guide them in performing a task. The Christian values evident at Divine Dignity have provided a calm, peaceful, and spiritual setting for them to be successful. My group looks forward to each opportunity to help others in need.

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