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Giving Thanks & Dignity

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

As we step into October, we’re excited to share some incredible updates with you. Our mission to provide help, hygiene, and hope to those in need is flourishing thanks to your support!

This season, we’re gearing up for something special: our “Giving Thanks & Dignity” Project.

Our team is hard at work, packing 500 dignity bags filled with personal care hygiene products and extra items like chapstick, pocket tissues, and dental floss. These bags will be distributed during the week of Thanksgiving through our Hygiene Centers and Closets. It’s our way of giving thanks for all our blessings by sharing God’s love through the gift of hygiene. We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with UA Rotary, who has generously granted us $2,500 to fund 250 dignity bags for our “Giving Thanks and Dignity” project. Their support is a testament to the impact we can create when communities come together. We’re excited and grateful for this partnership!

Nevertheless, our journey is not complete, and we are still in need of funding for an additional 250 dignity bags. Would you kindly consider contributing to this initiative? We are seeking donations to secure the remaining $2,500 required for these 250 bags. Head to the link below to give today!


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