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From Tragedy to Transformation: The Story of Jordan's Crossing

The following story was provided by Jennifer Rieser-Braunm, Executive Assistant at Jordan’s Crossing:

Thirteen years ago in July, Jordan’s Crossing came into being as a response to a tragic car accident that took the life of my brother, Jordan. Jordan was the coolest kid on the block, and after his passing, we sought to find meaning amidst our grief. That’s when we began serving meals out of the back of a pickup truck on Friday nights. At first, we would see just a handful of men, five to seven, seeking a warm meal and some solace.

Today, as I reflect on our journey, I am humbled and amazed by how far we’ve come. Each day, we now provide an average of over 1,200 meals to those in need. But our support extends beyond food. We offer clothing, hygiene bags, showers, and even the opportunity to seek treatment for drugs and alcohol. We strive to help our friends rediscover themselves and reclaim their lives.

Located right on the “homeless highway” (bike trail) off of N. Hague Ave, our organization has become a second family to those we serve. When others in their lives have turned away, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting them. Our efforts have led to reuniting families, enabling our friends to reconnect with their children, and helping them rediscover their inner strengths.

We are so incredibly grateful for the partnership with Divine Dignity. Being able to give someone a bag to freshen up their appearance and wash up is a fresh start to their day and one of the favorite things we pass out. We can’t thank you enough for being so faithful to us with dignity bags!

Together, Divine Dignity and Jordan’s Crossing are making a remarkable impact on the lives of those in need!

Check out Jordan’s Crossing in our latest video:


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