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Kits of Kindness from Ohio Distribution Warehouse

This past year, we’ve developed a great partnership with the Ohio Distribution Warehouse (ODW) and the Reach Out Rangers! Each year, the Reach Out Rangers, the philanthropic arm of ODW, generously bestow their Kits of Kindness upon local organizations in December.

This year, they delivered an astonishing 500 hygiene bags to our warehouse. We’re so blessed by this incredible donation, and are thrilled to share that every single one of these hygiene bags will be promptly dispatched to our Hygiene Centers. Additionally, they will reach several new locations that have long been waiting to join the Divine Dignity family as Hygiene Closets.

The impact of their gratitude is enormous as we continue our mission of providing dignity and hope through the gift of hygiene, all while spreading God’s love. Partnerships like the one we share with ODW and the Reach Out Rangers are truly invaluable in how serve the greater Columbus community.


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