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New Partner: Scioto Southland Community Center

We are excited to share some amazing news about the impact we are making in the Far South community. Our new hygiene center, which opened in February in the Scioto Southland Community Center, has been changing lives and making a significant difference for many families.

Thanks to the partnership with Shaun Ballard, the center manager, we were able to secure a closet and transform it into a hygiene center. Shaun shared how the hygiene center has become a valuable resource for the community:

“People are now able to access basic hygiene items that they might not have been able to afford before, and this is making a big difference in their lives. Not only is it providing essential items like toothbrushes and soap, but it’s also providing a sense of dignity to those who use the center.”

Since its opening, we have been able to serve between 75–80 community members each month, and we’re just getting started!

Check out Shaun and the Scioto Southland Community Center in our latest video:


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