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Partner Highlight: Lower Lights Christian Health Center

Over two decades ago, Lower Lights Christian Health Center was established to minister the love of Christ and provide whole-person wellness to all those in Central Ohio, regardless of their ability to pay. Today, they have expanded to more than 7 locations and serve over 14,000 patients.

According to Rev. Tress Reed, Lower Lights Health’s Spiritual Director, many of their patients struggle to provide for their families, and hygiene often takes a backseat.

Tress shared about her experience:

Hygiene is not optional, but sometimes when the choice is between food and hygiene, hygiene suffers. As a hygiene closet for Divine Dignity, our staff at Lower Lights Christian Health Center get the honor of providing these basic needs to a diverse population. I keep them in the clinic, and we pass them out as the Spirit of God leads. Amber, our Integrated Social Worker for the OB/GYN department, often shares these items with expecting or new moms. We serve many people from the immigration and refugee population. While we may not share a common language, laundry detergent and shampoo is a common need and always brings a smile of gratitude! I regularly provide these needed items to our unhoused neighbors, employees who need an extra boost this month, or patients that we serve at our outreach partner clinics such as Sanctuary Night and Hope Resource Center. Our patients appreciate the gift of hygiene, and what a joy it is to partner with Divine Dignity.

Lower Lights is proud to be one of our hygiene closets, partnering to provide essential hygiene products to our neighbors in need throughout the Columbus area.

We’re inspired by Lower Lights Health’s commitment to whole-person care, and their dedication to serving their community; we’re grateful to have them as a valuable partner.


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