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Santa's Silent Helpers Give Back

In the spirit of Christmas, Santa Silent Helpers (SSH), a local charity, approached Divine Dignity with a heartwarming offer. They generously provided 60 hams and 100 boxes of food for our hygiene partners. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, it became clear that many of our centers and closets were in great need of food assistance.

With unwavering dedication, Alan and Terry took the initiative to pick up and deliver these 60 hams and 100 boxes of food just before Christmas. It was a joyous occasion as we not only shared the gift of sustenance but also God's boundless love with several deserving places.

Thanks so much to Alan and SSH for this remarkable donation of food for our partners. The impact of this gift was profound, leaving each manager overwhelmed with gratitude. Together, we made a meaningful difference in our communities during the holiday season.


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